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Projects from 2016

Aleksandar I KochevImplementing an information retrieval systemIrena SpasicWendy K IvinsBSc
KneeTex is an open-source, stand-alone application for information extraction from narrative reports that describe an MRI scan of the knee. Given an MRI report as input, the system outputs the corresponding clinical findings in the form of JavaScript Object Notation objects. The extracted information is mapped onto TRAK, an ontology that formally models knowledge relevant for the rehabilitation of knee conditions. As a result, formally structured and coded information allows for complex searches...[more]
Andrew DawsonSlackbot Meets SHERLOCKAlun D PreecePaul L RosinBSc
CENode (Controlled English Node - is a lightweight natural language knowledge-based system implemented using JavaScript, designed to run effectively in a wide variety of contexts, from servers to mobile devices and Internet ???things???. CENode-based apps interact with users in natural language using a conversational protocol that allows people to input queries and pieces of information (ask and tell); the apps can also ask and tell the user things. Example CENode-based apps in...[more]
Ashley S JamesInformation extraction from Web pagesAndrew C JonesRichard BoothBSc
In this project you will develop software to extract information from HTML pages in some agreed application domain. I would be particularly interested in software designed for Web pages that supply Biodiversity information. You will design templates that define the kinds of information to be sought for, and techniques for locating this information within a variety of Web pages. The more generic your software is, the better. The implementation language is up to you. If done as an MSc project, yo...[more]
Borislav A IvanovCOBE - Correction of Bad ExtensionsMichael DaleyPaul L RosinBSc
The purpose of this project is to develop a software with a GUI that will allow a user to load and examine files that have bad extensions by extracting the "magic number" and comparing it to the current file extension. It shall then offer the user to extract each file with bad file extension and convert it to its original file extension, this will allow the user to view the file as it was meant to be. The user will also have the opportunity to extract each file or as many files as the user wants...[more]
Carlton K SandhuAndroid Tides ApplicationRalph MartinMartin CaminadaBSc
The aim of this project is to write an Android application which uses the Admiralty Easy Tides data from as the basis for an application which lets users find tide predictions. Ideally, the application would determine the user's location from the phone to find where the location needed for the tide prediction. This project requires prior knowledge of Android programming, or a willingness to teach yourself.[more]
Chitra LimbuVisualisation of musicChris B JonesPadraig CorcoranBSc
This project is motivated by the idea of creating a visualisation, initially in the form of a static image, that represents some essential characteristics of a piece of music. There are several types of information that could be visualized, relating for example to the overall structure of the music (the different subjects or themes, their development and their repetition), the key and the tempo of different parts of the music. The visualization could also reflect the results of various sorts of ...[more]
Christopher PatersonLocation based photo sharing app.Matthew J W MorganKirill SidorovBSc
An Android or iOS (Swift 2.0) application that allows users to share photos that are only viewable by others from where it was taken. For example, if I was at a concert I could see photos of other concerts at the same venue. Areas of expansion could include a web back end for administration and a hot/cold mini-game to find the next nearest photo.[more]
Daniel J FordGomoku AI PlayerYukun LaiDavid W WalkerBSc
Gomoku is an abstract strategy board game and is also called Five in a Row. It can be played on a go board with 19 * 19 intersections. Black plays first, and players alternate in placing a stone of their colour on an empty intersection. The winner is the first player to get an unbroken row of five stones horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The project will involve implementation of a user interface for presenting the game and an AI algorithm for playing the game with a user.[more]
David J HumphreysImproving the Realism of a Physically Simulated Musical InstrumentKirill SidorovRalph MartinBSc
One approach to the synthesis of highly realistic musical sounds in virtual instruments is to, essentially, mathematically describe the physical properties of a real musical instrument and run the simulation of the relevant physical laws on a computer. This approach appears to be far more promising than using sample libraries (as sample-based synthesis is always limited to what samples have been pre-recorded), but is also far more computationally expensive and, implemented naively, does not cap...[more]
Eirini S AnthiUse Kali Linux to sniff GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other data that smartphones broadcast.George TheodorakopoulosWendy K IvinsBSc
Elliot HowellsWelsh Natural Language Knowledge BaseAlun D PreeceMichael DaleyBSc
CENode (Controlled English Node - is a lightweight natural language knowledge-based system implemented using JavaScript, designed to run effectively in a wide variety of contexts, from servers to mobile devices and Internet ???things???. CENode-based apps interact with users in natural language using a conversational protocol that allows people to input queries and pieces of information (ask and tell); the apps can also ask and tell the user things. Example CENode-based apps in...[more]
Iain MajerLearning to Play Go with Neural NetworksFrank C LangbeinMartin CaminadaBSc
Using Java, implement a Server/Client version of "Go". Using this implementation investigate the use and applicability of Neural Networks as an AI to play the game, or a aid to already implemented AIs.[more]
James CarterReal-time Television Companion ApplicationXianfang SunRichard BoothBSc
My project is to create software that provides the user with real-time information using meta-data about the television programme they are watching. I aim to follow basic HCI principles in order to accommodate the rising paralleled use of the internet whilst watching TV. I plan to develop this application for android. I aim to employ web scraping techniques to aggregate useful metadata from various sources (eg. to provide the user with fast and convenient access to this in...[more]
James P TaylorAutomatic detection of Steganographic contentMichael DaleyIrena SpasicBSc
I propose the design of a system that will automatically process a directory of recovered files and scan each one for known Steganographic techniques. If such techniques are found, it will reverse them and reveal hidden content automatically (or at the very least, flag them for possible Steganographic content) I would also attempt to make the system extensible, allowing new techniques to be added to a library of existing techniques as they are discovered. This would make sure that during a for...[more]
Jamie P IdeUncovering Personal information in the Internet of ThingsAlia I AbdelmotyPadraig CorcoranBSc
People willingly give their location tracks, activity records and other health indicators when using smart phones and fitness bracelets, etc. This project will examine the notion of Internet of things and will consider the sorts of personal information that can be collected on it with the commonly used personal gadgets. The project will study the advantages and the drawbacks of exposure of personal information and will give recommendation related to protecting personal privacy in this context. ...[more]
Jordan WoodOnline system for a doctors surgeryIrena SpasicHelen R PhillipsBSc
The aim of this project is to design and implement an online system providing doctors and patients with a platform to share information. Doctors add patients from their surgery to the system providing relevant information. Patients can then access their personal account containing this information and carry out useful tasks such as update details, book an appointment or reorder a prescription.[more]
Karl E LathamVenues Assistant Staff Management System (VASP)Andrew C JonesPaul L RosinBSc
This project will utilise a database to allow the management of ???Venues??? staff at Cardiff University???s Student Union. The core part of the system is to allow Venues Assistant staff to book their own shifts online from a pool of shifts which are available, allow staff to clock in and clock out of a shift. Alongside this is the ability for management to make shifts available, and to generate payroll reports in order for staff to receive reimbursement for their time worked. A meeting with me...[more]
Kelsey L DowlingLocation Based iOS ApplicationMartin J ChorleyAlia I AbdelmotyBSc
The aim of this project is to develop an iOS application which gets the user's GPS location information and uses this to provide the user with useful information about their current location. For example, the app would display the user's current location, address and coordinates, it would also plot this on a map. The app would also provide the user with details of weather conditions in the area as well as businesses located near them. The app may also display tweets sent near their current loc...[more]
Kevyne L SelmoHandwriting Recognition Using Image ProcessingHantao LiuAlia I AbdelmotyBSc
We've probably come across a situation where you've wrote notes on paper and typed them into word process afterwards. From a point of view, some may find this redundant. The main idea of this project is to be able to recognise handwritten characters from an image and output the results into a file(e.g. .txt). The approach that I am considering will consists of: - Pre-processing: e.g. making the image into a binary or perhaps applying some blurring to remove noise. - Segmentation: ideally we'd ...[more]
Kieran FlayGesture controlled Musical ConductingDave MarshallAlia I AbdelmotyBSc
The idea is to use a Kinect and/or Leap Motion gestural input device to device methods to allow for musical conducting. This basically means recognising and mapping appropriate bodily gestures into MIDI messages that can control some digital audio workstation. Machine Learning methods will be used to recognise the gestures.[more]
Lauren A WeeksUnderstanding open source data to improve daily engagement in a policing organisationsAlun D PreeceStuart M AllenBSc
CENode (Controlled English Node - is a lightweight natural language knowledge-based system implemented using JavaScript, designed to run effectively in a wide variety of contexts, from servers to mobile devices and Internet ???things???. CENode-based apps interact with users in natural language using a conversational protocol that allows people to input queries and pieces of information (ask and tell); the apps can also ask and tell the user things. Example CENode-based apps in...[more]
Marc CorkMonopoly simulatorKirill SidorovOmer F RanaBSc
The classic game of Monopoly could use some more exciting house rules! The idea of this project is to write a simulator of the game, extensible with new rules the user may want to try. (Rules may include additional Chance cards, alterations to the even build rule, modifications to existing sites, etc.) By running the game millions of times (with standard or custom rules) in the simulator, we should be able to test whether the game is balanced, what is the average length of the game, which colou...[more]
Matthew Rhys JonesAutomatic emotion capture when viewing web-based media on a smartphoneDave MarshallYukun LaiBSc
Every day, we view different types of web-based media such as tweets, online videos, and articles. Each of these types of media can produce an emotional response such as anger, sadness, or surprise. Automatic classification of these responses has received a lot of attention in the image and video analysis communities, as well as in social computing. Following on from a CUROP project that produced a prototype face tracker and emotion classifier, this project aims to further develop a more robus...[more]
Natalie MacHinAutomatic Analysis of Music Performance StyleAndrew C JonesMatthew J W MorganBSc
One of the fundamental problems in computational music is the analysis and modelling of performance style. The aims of this project are as follows: (1) Investigate what relevant performance features (e.g. variations in dynamics, tempo, timbre) can be reliably extracted from audio recordings. (2) Provide a means of exploring which of these features are relevant to the perception of performance style. (3) Investigate what operations can be applied to styles, e.g. interpolation between styles, styl...[more]
Nathan AhmadDrone Transportation Protocol for High Traffic areasStuart M AllenGeorge TheodorakopoulosBSc
Recently Amazon released guidelines for how airspace below 400ft should be treated to accommodate automated drone flight. See the Verge's article for a brief overview ( Using these guidelines, I propose implementing a Drone Transportation Protocol that would allow hundreds of drones to navigate shared airspace safely, efficiently and autonomously: For this project I aim to deliver: - An implemented Drone Transport...[more]
Peter DavisonParallelisation of Matrix Exponentials in C++/CUDA for Quantum ControlFrank C LangbeinIrena SpasicBSc
This project looks at the advantages of running complex matrix operations on a dedicated hardware device such as a graphics card (GPU) over the conventional method of running it on the CPU. The focus of the program is a Pade Approximation which is commonly used in Quantum Control to calculate the exponential of a matrix. Matrix exponentials are vital to understanding how a particle's energy state change over time. These calculations can get very intensive when the problems becomes large and thi...[more]
Philip MarshA web-based annotation interface based on wheel of emotionsIrena SpasicMatthew J W MorganBSc
Robert Plutchik created a wheel of emotions in 1980 which consisted of 8 basic emotions and 8 advanced emotions each composed of 2 basic ones ( The goal of this project is to implement a web-based graphical interface, which would allow the user to classify an emotion for given text or image by navigating through the wheel. Alternatively, user should be able to provide a name for an emotion, which should then be placed at an...[more]
Phoophanom TanprasitProperty Notification System with Key Tracking ApplicationGeorge TheodorakopoulosOmer F RanaBSc
The aim of this project is to build an on-line platform to assist property specialists with their management tasks. The application will utilise display terminals to display relevant information such as notifications for on site problems, parcel collection alerts and fire alarm test schedules. The system will be able to assist specialists by providing live updates that they are responsible for. For example the application will automatically notify a specialist if a property's master key had be...[more]
Roberto M DykeLiDAR Data AnalysisYukun LaiPaul L RosinBSc
LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that measures distances using laser reflection analysis. It is getting more and more popular in various subjects such as earth sciences to obtain digital representations of the landscape. Such studies help to understand and monitor the change of landscape over time. The resulting data from LiDAR is typically a large-scale 3D point cloud along with image textures. While the use of LiDAR is getting popular in earth sciences, the data analysis is still largely m...[more]
Ryan GibbsConversations with MotherAlun D PreeceFrank C LangbeinBSc
CENode (Controlled English Node - is a lightweight natural language knowledge-based system implemented using JavaScript, designed to run effectively in a wide variety of contexts, from servers to mobile devices and Internet ???things???. CENode-based apps interact with users in natural language using a conversational protocol that allows people to input queries and pieces of information (ask and tell); the apps can also ask and tell the user things. Example CENode-based apps in...[more]
Ryan M DayDesigning and creating a web application to streamline the character creation and maintenance process of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars systemFrank C LangbeinPadraig CorcoranBSc
As an avid role player and someone who has run many Fantasy Flight Star Wars games both online and locally, I can see how a player's first step in the game (creating their character) can be improved so that steps are not missed out. My project will be to create a web application that players can use to create and maintain their character for the game. This application will allow the users create and view their character in the application where they will be able to maintain them. For games onli...[more]
Samuel MaltbyFabricated Profiles on Social Media Platforms.Jianhua ShaoHantao LiuBSc
Users on social platforms voluntarily provide their private information without knowing the implications that may result. Examples include: mobile phone numbers, personal locations on Twitter and Facebook. Social media is renowned for being widely accessible to the greater public which will also pose greater risks to fabricated profiles. This project will investigate the awareness that users have to the risk of fabricated profiles, with the view of recommending approaches in educating users on...[more]
Shanay ShahOutreach Engagement activityHelen R PhillipsMartin J ChorleyBSc
Note this is just an example, projects with arduino etc are also welcome, please come and discuss your ideas wth the supervisor. The Raspberry Pi has caught the imagination of people from the age of 8 ??? 80. It provides as excellent opportunity for people to learn how to programme and to integrate hardware and software. In July I met with several Secondary school teachers to find out how Cardiff University could engage with schools and support the curriculum. One suggestion was an activity inv...[more]
Shazaib AhmadLocation-based program with privacyGeorge TheodorakopoulosPaul L RosinBSc
This would be an application, in which a user may not want to share their exact location, therefore add noise to their current location before transmitting. The exact type of application is still being discussed and will be specified later, as to whether this will be a desktop application (such as a web app) or a native smartphone application (such as iOS or Android). [more]
Simon HerrickOnline Booking System for After-School ChildcareDavid W WalkerKirill SidorovBSc
The aim is to design and implement an online system that parents can use to book their children into after-school childcare. The childcare administrators must also be able to use the system to list the children booked in for a particular session and access contact information for parents. You will need to be good at Web programming (PHP and MySQL). [more]
Simon TitcombRaycasting Game Engine for Perceptual AwarenessFrank C LangbeinJianhua ShaoBSc
You will be replacing the rendering engine of a suitable open source game engine with a GPU based raycasting engine. The aim is to investigate whether the rendering engine of an existing game engine can be replaced with an experimental rendering engine to still achieve real-time rendering (on a powerful GPU). Raycasting is the basic algorithm type we need for ongoing research into human perception. The overall aim is to replace the rendering engine with a rendering engine for human perceptual a...[more]
Sri Lakshmi HarikrishnanDefining and Controlling Location Based Privacy Settings on Facebook: A study and EvaluationAlia I AbdelmotyGeorge TheodorakopoulosBSc
This main aim of this project is to investigate the usability of Facebook with regards to the user???s ability to define and control location-based privacy settings. In other words, the project will investigate the transparency of Facebook with regards to location data retrieved through the examination of permissions, privacy settings and feedback. Usability evaluation of permissions and privacy settings will be carried out and a study will be conducted on how both factors (transparency and usab...[more]
Susan P CammiadeHow can we better support the student rep system?Helen R PhillipsDave MarshallBSc
The student rep system (Student staff panel) relies on communication. Reps communicate with students on their degree, with year tutors and with the academic rep co-ordinator. The flow of information between all stakeholders is as essential element to the effectivenes of the rep system. The deliverables of this project can be: - a comprehensive set of recommendations - a design of a system - an integration of tools that can be used - a developed dispoke system, fully or partial The scope of th...[more]
Thomas G MorleySports and Surveillance Video Analysis and Annotation IIDave MarshallFederico CeruttiBSc
There a good few potential projects in the area of Video Analysis available: 1. Sports Video: This work builds on an on going collaboration with the Welsh Rugby Union and Swansea University. Every game of Rugby Union (both International and Region/Club) is annotated by hand by expert sports coders employed by the Welsh Rugby Union. Key events like Tries, Kicks, Scrums, Lineouts, Tackles etc. are annotated using specialist software ( This is outputted in X...[more]
Thomas J WhiddettPersonal Finance ManagerDavid W WalkerKirill SidorovBSc
In this project you will develop software to keep track of an individual's personal finance. Through an easy-to-use interface a person will e able to enter a record of their spending and income. Each item will be classified according to the type of spending or income. Sub-classifications are also allowable. For example, one classification might be "Household utilities" with sub-classifications "Gas", "Water", "Electricity", etc. Special consideration must be given to itemised bills, such as cred...[more]
Thomas PettyKiller Suduko SolverRalph MartinRichard BoothBSc
The aim of this project is to write software which will solve "Killer Sudoku" puzzles: - a GUI should be provided to allow the user to easily input a puzzle - the GUI should also show the progress the program is making as the solution is found - facilities for loading and solving puzzles should be provided - a test suite of puzzles should be acquired, ranging from easy to extremely difficult - various strategies should be developed for solving the puzzle - experiments should be carried out using...[more]
Vikas BhatiaThe Internet of Things Era and its ApplicationsOmer F RanaKirill SidorovBSc
This project discusses the implications of the Internet of Things era and connected devices. It will discuss the effects of the IoT phenomenon on the fields of technology and business, including the context in which IoT is acting as an enabler in these fields to allow smart devices to provide scalable solutions to real-world issues. A deliverable in the form of a smart device that demonstrates some of these concepts will also be made.[more]
Xinying WangPhoto montagePaul L RosinFederico CeruttiBSc
The aim of this project is to take a set of images and combine them together into a single image. The first step is to roughly paste together the source images. The second step is to fill in any holes using "inpainting". The final step is to refine the image to make it more coherent, and also resize the image if required. The project will be based on techniques from the following papers: A. Criminisi, P. Perez, K. Toyama, "Object Removal by Exemplar-Based Inpainting", Conference on Computer Vis...[more]