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Projects from 2017

Alex HutchingsMobile car messaging systemGeorge TheodorakopoulosDavid W WalkerBSc
This project would consider the possibility of creating a system that provides an interface for drivers to pass on important information to other drivers on the road. For example, if the car in front has a brake light that is not working, then you can send a message to that car that reads, "Your left brake light is not working." The system would act as a central hub that could communicate warning messages to drivers, traffic updates and general hardware issues. The messages could potentially s...[more]
Andrei HodorogCrowd funding of Civic ProjectsOmer F RanaJing WuBSc
A number of projects current exist that enable individuals or companies to seek funding from other individuals, instead of from financial institutions (e.g. banks). Such ``crowd funding" sites often build on an emotional and a "social value" proposition individuals can associate with, based on a proposition made by another individual or company (which may also be a charity). A number of such sites have emerged over recent years -- such as KickStarter, Lending Circle, Zopa Finance, Lending Works,...[more]
Benedict MorrisEnglish Draughts AIYukun LaiMartin CaminadaBSc
English draughts is played on an 8??8 chequered board with twelve pieces per side. The pieces move and capture diagonally forward, until they reach the opposite end of the board, when they are crowned and may thereafter move and capture both backward and forward. Developing AI to play human games can give inisights into the potential problem solving abilties of artificial intelligences, as well as showing the general public the power and value of AI research. This project would involve creati...[more]
Benjamin Ajax-LewisApplication of ISO 17025 with Inter-Laboratory TestingMichael DaleyAlun D PreeceBSc
ISO 17025:2005 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" for the first time is being enforced on Digital Forensic laboratories forcing them to test and validate the forensic tools and methods they use. I want to streamline the Integration of ISO 17025 into today's digital forensic Laboratories so that my research can be used to help police forces prove that the tools they use are backed up by scientific research by running proficiency tests following t...[more]
Braden MarshallReal-time networking gameFrank C LangbeinMatthew J W MorganBSc
For this project you may choose an arbitrary game that is played between at least two people based on the players taking turns. The aim of this project is to implement a user interface and game engine to run this game and add artificial intelligence and possibly networking capabilities to the game. There should be a core interface to the game engine for any player-decisions where the player decisions can either come from some AI program, a local or remote human player, or a remote AI program. A ...[more]
Christopher HutchingsInternet of Things SecurityOmer F RanaKirill SidorovBSc
The aim of this project is to investigate security issues within Internet of Things (IoT). The project is intended to carry out: (i) a survey of concerns that arise in this area; (ii) to investigate use of IoT Recipies from the If-this-than-that web site. The interested student is expected to investigate existing recipies -- and subsequently extend these and analyse implications on security of these applications.[more]
Corey L WatsonAn Android version of a crowdsourcing appIrena SpasicPadraig CorcoranBSc
As part of the CorCenCC project, a mobile application was recently built for iOS that allows Welsh language speakers to record conversations (as audio or video files) and upload them for inclusion in the proposed National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh. The aim of the corpus is to provide as much Welsh language data as possible - which can be studied later by researchers, linguists, publishers and so on. The purpose of the app is to allow users throughout Wales to upload spoken contributions to th...[more]
Deborah KhooThe Use of Blockchain Technology in Smart ContractsDavid W WalkerPaul L RosinBSc
Blockchain is the technology that underpins Bitcoin, but there are many more applications for Blockchain, with potentially large business and societal impact. One of the recently proposed applications is smart contracts The aim of this project is to understand the business impact of smart contracts, and also to implement a smart contract prototype. To undertake this project, you will need to understand the basics of cryptography and to have programmi...[more]
Dheeraj ThankachanUsing Beacons for Location-based targeted advertisement to nearby users.Alia I AbdelmotyMichael DaleyBSc
Beacon technology is changing the way consumers interact with brands, making devices more helpful, smart and ultimately revolutionizing the way retailers measure the offline impact of online ads, and encaging nearby users with information that they wish to discover and be interested in. In this project i will be developing a mobile application and the infrastructure that allows beacons to provide/transmit targeted advertisement to nearby users. This project also involves physically making equi...[more]
Georgia K PocockCreate a simple Prototype Math Problem Solver aimed at young adults with Learning Difficulties, focusing on disability specific HCI and end user testing.Matthew J W MorganAlun D PreeceBSc
As discussed with Matt Morgan[more]
Gregory NicholsImproving responsiveness of autoscaling systemsOmer F RanaHantao LiuBSc
The aim of this project would be to implement more efficient and responsive autoscaling for the existing production parsers for a company I have connections with. Through this project I hope to: (i) improve the deployment model for autoscaling in terms of reactivity, granularity and termination speed; (ii) implement a system to predict and anticipate increased workload and scale up accordingly. There would also be potential to extend this project further by extending the deployment model to the ...[more]
Harriet ClarkeA Study in the use of Mobile Devices for Supporting the Care of Elderly PatientsAlia I AbdelmotyJing WuBSc
This project will consider qualitative and quantitative approaches to measuring usability of mobile apps. Case studies will be used as a platform to demonstrate how designers can critically analyse usability and identify specific problem areas. Starting with task and user analysis, techniques such as cognitive walkthrough, heuristic evaluation, user testing and cognitive modelling will be considered and their adaptation to mobile situations studied on different application and platforms. The ...[more]
Iain R JohnstonMaximising entertainment value in the vote-reveal problemRichard BoothXianfang SunBSc
In many elections or competitions, a set of voters will rank a set of candidates from best to worst, or will give scores to some of the candidates, with the winner then being the candidate that gets the highest total number of points. When it comes to revealing the result after all votes have been cast, some competitions proceed by having a roll-call of all the voters in which each announces their own scores. This is often done for entertainment purposes (see, for example, the Eurovision Song Co...[more]
Jack EdwardsA sprite-based video game engine and editor for creating component-based gamesYukun LaiPaul L RosinBSc
Modern technology has made it much easier for anybody with a computer to start creating their own video games. Tools like Unity and Unreal Engine are often used by amateurs, but they focus on the creation of 3D games, leaving 2D games as an afterthought. Regardless of this, 2D games are still extremely popular and very much in demand. I propose to create a sprite-based game engine that focuses entirely on the development of 2D games, as well as an editor that allows users to manage aspects of th...[more]
James A MorrisMaths Tutor Using Machine LearningJianhua ShaoHantao LiuBSc
Maths Tutor Using Machine Learning.[more]
James DavisUniversity student timetabling SAT solverFrank C LangbeinAlun D PreeceBSc
Generating an optimal solution for university student timetables for a specific year of a specific school. The problem will treated as a weighted constraint satisfaction problem and will attempted to be solved using a evolutionary algorithm. Parallel processing over a number of separate machines may also be implemented in order to generate a more optimal solution. Various constraints will be taken into account, with different levels of importance; some of the most important constraints will be: ...[more]
Jasmin BeckfordPrivacy preserving data miningJianhua ShaoPadraig CorcoranBSc
This project will investigate how data may be anonymized so that sensitive information about individuals will be protected, yet data can still be analysied meaningfully using some standard data mining tools.[more]
Jiaming KeTo what extent does an Object have ActionDave MarshallPadraig CorcoranBSc
Object recognition has advanced significantly in recent years, with large scale benchmarks and CNN's pushing the domain in excellent directions. Action recognition has made similar pushes toward large scale benchmarks, however due to the high cost of labelling data it has struggled achieving this aim. Definition of an action is often implicit within papers and ends up being a concatenation of various appearance based models. To this end we are interested in exploring to what extent actions can ...[more]
Kai ChanMedical image processing - bruisesPaul L RosinDave MarshallBSc
DETAILS TO BE UPDATED This project will use a set of images of bruises that have been marked with circles to roughly outline their position. The project aim is to develop automatic detection of bruises using a combination of image processing and machine learning techniques.[more]
Kenneth DasallaSaliency in image and vision computingHantao LiuYukun LaiBSc
Do you know where you are looking at while watching online videos? Do you know where the computers think you are looking at? Modelling visual saliency ??? predicting where human eyes pay attention to in visual content ??? has been a very active research area over the past 25 years in both academia and industry. This project aims to investigate saliency modelling in emerging applications in image and vision computing, such as computer rendered images, high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging, medical ima...[more]
Khaledur RahmanWorkout Tracker with NFCAndrew JonesDave MarshallBSc
A mobile application that allows users to create training plans that consists of workouts. The workouts will contain exercises that they can track. They can track workouts easier but enabling and using NFC. The workouts will be trackable within a custom calendar and data will be visualised to them. User Functionality: Track workouts into Custom Calendar Track exercises for each workout Data visualisation of each exercise over day/month/year Log weight daily, weekly or monthly and visualise th...[more]
Louise EvansImage analysis for museum insect drawersPaul L RosinXianfang SunBSc
Museums have collections containing millions of objects. One such set of objects are standardized drawers of insects which are kept as specimens. The goal of this project is to analyse high resolution images of some of these drawers (obtained from Cardiff Museum) and determine information such as the positions of trays, specimens, labels, etc. in the drawer. If time permits, then further challenges would include identifying objects, reading printed/hand-written labels, etc. Examples of related ...[more]
Melissa WhitingElectronic map of COMSCHelen R PhillipsPadraig CorcoranBSc
The School of Computer Science & Informatics is located within the Queen???s Building which has several levels and buildings. New students and staff struggle to find their way around and paper maps are not very effective given the various levels. Students with disabilities can find it even more challenging. Many of us use google maps or Sat Nat to direct us to new locations when travelling by Car, Bike or even on foot, is something potentially possible for within COMSC? This project wou...[more]
Michael JarvisA system to match Modern Language Partners.Helen R PhillipsGeorge TheodorakopoulosBSc
This is a real-world problem. The School of Modern Languages, Cardiff University each semester have approximately 400 students signed up as part of their language exchange programme. This programme offers the opportunity for a student studying a language to pair up with a native or fluent, speaker of that Language and vice versa. This matching process is currently undertaken manually and is very time consuming. They project would require a Computer Science students to work closely with the relev...[more]
Nikolay TsonevTowards Anonymity In Ridesharing Applications By Using Location Obfuscation Of Origin-Destination PointsGeorge TheodorakopoulosKirill SidorovBSc
The project will aim at developing an android ridesharing application which will include the following modules: - authentication handled by Firebase - building user profiles and adding some social network capabilities - private communication (chat) - Google Maps integration - Algorithms for comparing similarities between different routes - A privacy feature for extending the range of the picking up and/or dropping of points [more]
Owain J CarpaniniGive me the complete picture! Assessing trust in the World Wide WebFederico CeruttiDavid W WalkerBSc
The Web provides individuals and organizations with a rich and diverse source of information. However, an open and enduring problem resides in how to estimate "trust" in individual Websites and how to aggregate that "trust" across many websites. This project will provide an investigation in this direction by delivering the first ontology of trust over websites, and experimenting on different approaches for aggregating trust across many websites dealing with the same topic. This will therefore pr...[more]
Owen ShevlinCreating an AI to play OthelloFrank C LangbeinHantao LiuBSc
Othello (also somtimes called Reversi) is a board game played on an 8 by 8 board, where players take turns placing counters of their colour onto the board. When a player places a counter, if the counter forms a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with any of their counters on the board, any counters of the opponents colour are flipped to the player's colour. The game ends when neither player is able to make a move, and the winner is the player with the most counters of their colour on the boar...[more]
Robert HarrisCreating An AI That Can Play a Tactical Intelligence Game Alongside Human PlayersAlun D PreeceFederico CeruttiBSc
The aim of this project is to determine whether a virtual system can be a viable asset in contributing to crowd sourced knowledge bases. The project aims to answer this by implementing a system that can play the crowd sourced knowledge game SHERLOCK. Using image recognition, data reasoning and communication it is hoped the system can act as ???one of the crowd??? and contribute at the same level a human player can when playing the game. The project will use a mix of technologies such as; control...[more]
Rohan SachdevOccupancy Monitoring App for Computer Science LabsMatthew J W MorganRichard BoothBSc
Sam RuffAnalysis and Visualisation of Access Attempts on a Honeypot ServerMichael DaleyDave MarshallBSc
Analyzing and visualizing intrusions from honeypots placed on the internet. The idea would involve 2-3 Raspberry Pi's connected to the Universities network running a custom version of the SSH server that I would adapt from the open-source version. This adapted version would include remote logging and data collection capabilities to collect information about the connection and what commands are used and what programs are run. I could then do a forensics analysis on the Raspberry Pi's after a succ...[more]
Samuel MartinLaser Triangulation SLAMDave MarshallFederico CeruttiBSc
Robotic platforms regularly rely on lidar, sonar and GPS for positioning. However scanners for smaller robotic platforms are usually inaccurate, very expensive or complex to implement. Laser triangulation sensors are used in quality assurance testing and 3d object scanning. They are also a lot easier to make at home compared to other scanners such as Lidar. The project overview is to create a simple 3D environment scanner using laser triangulation to be mounted on a mobile robotic platform f...[more]
Stuart ClarkMedical image processing - lungsPaul L RosinXianfang SunBSc
Thomas StevensModelling Cyberattacks in Internet of Things environmentsOmer F RanaRichard BoothBSc
The aim of this project is to better understand the types of cyberattacks that take place within Internet of Things (IoT) devices - such as the recent attach on DNS servers operated by Dyn. The student is expected to investigate the types of attacks that can: (i) be initiated through IoT devices; (ii) be targetted to IoT devices. The student will be expected to use a threat modelling approach to characterise such attacks. It is expected that students will also example a few scenarios of such att...[more]
Timothy FisherAn Analysis of Blockchain Technology and its Commercial ExploitationDavid W WalkerYukun LaiBSc
This project requires you to report to a (hypothetical) group of venture capitalists on the commercial exploitation of blockchain technologies. You should explain how a blockchain works from a technical viewpoint, with emphasis on how it achieves distributed consensus, and provides a secure and trustable record of transactions. You should then go on to discuss how blockchain technology is currently being used, as well as areas in which it could be applied in the future, highlighting any promisin...[more]
Wai Yin LeungGeneration of Facial CartoonsPaul L RosinYukun LaiBSc
The aim of this project is to take an input image of a frontal face and generate a cartoon stylised version. Many possible approaches are possible, see e.g. Data-driven face cartoon stylization, Zhang et al., 2014. Image Based Hair Segmentation Algorithm for the Application of Automatic Facial Caricature Synthesis, Shen et al., 2014. At least in the first instance, this project will take a simple approach, in which facial features (eyes, mouth, etc) are matched to a library containing multip...[more]
William DunnUsing social media to observe wildlife distribution in the UKChris B JonesFrank C LangbeinBSc
Utilising data taken from social media sites (Potentially Flickr, Instagram, Twitter) to plot animal sightings on a UK map. Functionality to include the ability to move through historical data in order to determine whether certain species of animals are more common in specific parts of the UK throughout the year. Project to be focused mainly on research, but to extend to a publicly available web based prototype if time constraints allow.[more]
Winston EllisComputing reachability graphPadraig CorcoranFrank C LangbeinBSc
Due to the ever increasing concern about the environment, the resulting policies and advances in technology, zero and low emission electrical and hybrid vehicles become much more important and popular. Despite the advantages of electrical vehicles, their relatively limited cruising range (in comparison to traditional diesel/petrol vehicles) and significant battery loading time provide major challenges for their usage. As a result, in order for electrical vehicles to be viable, it is necessary t...[more]
Xerxes BamjiImplementing a user-friendly version of the TRAK web siteIrena SpasicKirill SidorovBSc
TRAK is a web-based app that supports self-management of knee rehabilitation. The key functionality of the app includes information provision, a three-step exercise program based on a standard care for the rehabilitation of knee conditions, self-monitoring with visual feedback, and a virtual support group. more information about TRAK can be found here: The app has been re-implemented for use within NHS: You can login...[more]