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CM3303 Two Semester Individual Project

This is the main page for information about the 30 credit two-semester final year project module CM3303.

* CM3303 Guide: The complete guide for CM3303 on a single page for printing/saving as PDF.

Project Selection

At the beginning of the third year you are going to select your final year project. Below are guides on how to propose projects and select your project using PATS.


This is an overview of the expected deliverables and related tasks you have to execute for your project. Details on these deliverables and tasks are available on the linked pages. You also find the required deliverables with their submission deadlines under your PATS project details.

  • Initial Plan: You must submit an initial plan (by the beginning of week 4 of the first semester, at most 2,000 words, worth 5%).
  • CM3303 Final Report: A final report must be submitted at the end of the second semester (by the end of week 12 of the second semester, at most 15,000 words, worth 95%)
  • Project Viva: A project viva will take place after the exams for every final year project.
  • Project Publication: Details about how to publish your project online in PATS.

For information about how to submit a report via PATS please see the Submission Guide. Note that in order to get an extension to the submission deadline the general coursework submission extension guidelines apply.


These guides are meant to help you produce good final year project reports. A good report is one that presents your project work concisely and effectively. It should contain various materials relevant to the work you have undertaken in respect of your project; it should be organised into a logical framework; and it should be supported by written material that follows well-established academic conventions in a consistent fashion.

An important point to remember is that the report should describe your work. Large chunks of bookwork describing standard material are unnecessary. You should simply refer to such material where necessary - assume that your reader is a competent computer or information systems theorist or practitioner. The guidelines here are arranged roughly in the order that you will need them.

Your project supervisor will guide you on what it is reasonable to expect a project in your chosen topic to deliver. However, all projects are required to justify all decisions made at every stage of research and the development of appropriate deliverables, including the choice of approach.

Further information on how to use PATS, prepare the various deliverables in a suitable format and related technical issues are available in these guides:

  • Submission Guide: General instructions on how to submit the deliverbales via PATS.
  • PDF Guide: Instructions on how to generate PDF files.

Project Coordinator

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