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Our Main Recommendations

Here is a summary of our main recommendations for writing reports:

  • Record all relevant information generated by the project:
    • use a notebook,
    • keep a diary,
    • log debugging sessions.
  • Gather further material from publications or other external resources.
  • Organise the material into sections agreed with your supervisor,
    • e.g. “Background”, and so on.
  • Turn this material into written prose to form the project report's main body.
  • When writing the main body
    • keep your readership in mind;
    • identify commonality;
    • use sections and subsections;
    • follow stylistic conventions.
  • Where appropriate use
    • cross-references,
    • references,
    • figures and other descriptive devices.
  • Produce all required supporting structures according to convention, after completing the main body, and include this material in appendices to avoid disrupting the flow of your narrative.
  • For examples to follow, look at textbooks from reputable publishers, etc.
  • Discuss an outline of the project report with your supervisor before you begin to write up; this will help you to plan your project. However, we strongly recommend that you write up your work as much as possible as you carry out your project, rather than leaving the writing to last.
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