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Masters Dissertation

This is the main page for information about the 60 credit masters dissertation. Please see the CMT400 module description for further details. In particular take note of the assessment and the syllabus, giving an overview of the various stages in the project. Deadlines are shown with your project information when you log into your PATS account. You will also receive further information about your final year project by e-mail. E-mails relevant to everyone are also available below.

* Masters Dissertation Guide: The complete guide for Masters Disserations on a single page for printing/saving as PDF.

Project Selection

In term 2 you are going to select your project. Below are guides on how to propose projects and select your project using PATS.


This is an overview of the expected deliverables and related tasks you have to execute for your project. You also find the required deliverables with their submission deadlines under your PATS project details.

  • Dissertation: A final report must be submitted at the end of the summer period. Guidance for writing this report is given in the MSc Project Handbook.
  • Project Publication: Details about how to publish your project online in PATS.

For information about how to submit a report via PATS please see the Submission Guide. Note that in order to get an extension to the submission deadline the general coursework submission extension guidelines apply.


The MSc Project Handbook (available on Learning Central) covers most aspects concerning your project throughout its lifetime. Further information on how to use PATS, prepare the various deliverables in a suitable format and related technical issues are available in these guides:

  • Submission Guide: General instructions on how to submit the deliverables via PATS.
  • PDF Guide: Instructions on how to generate PDF files.


The mark is based on your project approach, argument, products and reflection (on equal weighting) according to the following criteria:

  • Project approach
    • a professional approach is used
    • appropriate methods and tools are used
  • Argument
    • the dissertation is well structured
    • the dissertation justifies its conclusions.
  • Products
    • products deal with the problem appropriately
    • products make a contribution to knowledge
  • Reflection
    • The student has developed insight and understanding

Your project dissertation will be marked independently by your academic supervisor and a second examiner (moderator) selected by the School on the basis of understanding of the subject area. They each give a mark out of 100. If their marks differ by 10 or less, the average is taken. If the difference is greater than 10, they meet together to discuss the reasons for the difference, and try to come to an agreement. If they cannot agree, a third marker will be appointed. You require a mark of at least 50% to pass; also see the MSc project handbook above.

Project Coordinator

Dr Shancang Li at

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