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Project Publication

If you wish to make your project available online after it has been completely submitted and marked, you can specify this in PATS. On the project description page you can check “make project public”. This will generate a publication form that will automatically be added to your project. You can see the way your project (as far as it has been submitted) will appear, once published via PATS, in the “Complete Project” tab. Everything visible there will appear in the PATS archive if you select to make your project public. Examiner reports, marks, etc. will of course not be available there. The date by when you must finalise this is shown in the description tab of your project, at the bottom, indicating how long the data can still be modified. A copy of the publication form is here:

Note that we cannot guarantee that your project will be published via PATS or for how long it will remain available online.

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