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Arranging Project Supervision

After proposals have been submitted they will eventually become available for arranging supervision. This will be announced separately by e-mail. Your own proposals can then be viewed by members of staff and staff proposals will become available for viewing. During this phase it is still possible to edit your proposals and add additional proposals to the system.

Suitable navigation links will then be available in PATS to view proposals and express interest in them. Note that expressing interest simply indicates to the proposer that you may want to do the project, but it does not mean supervision is agreed. Members of staff can see which proposals you are interested in and you can see who is interested in your proposals.

During this time you should contact members of staff to discuss the proposals and agree supervision. You must discuss a proposal with a member of staff before supervision can be agreed and usually this should be done in person.

If a member of staff is happy to take you on for one of their projects or to supervise your project they can select to supervise you on PATS directly. This will create a project that will become available in the navigation bar. Once this happened you have a project agreed and cannot select any other project. This usually cannot be reversed. So make sure that once you agree the supervision of a project, this has actually also been done on PATS. Note that members of staff can only choose to supervise you on a project in which you have shown interest.

Please mention your degree scheme to the staff members when you see them. This is to ensure that the suitability of your proposed project for your degree scheme could be checked by the staff members. You may also like to discuss the scope of your proposed project with the staff member, i.e. whether the project will allow you get a pass, 2-1 or first class.

Note, that after supervision has been agreed the proposal accepted will become unavailable and the students other proposals will also be marked as unavailable. A member of staff can make their own proposals available again, if they think there is sufficient scope for more than one student to work on different aspects.

If you do not select a proposal by deadline then you will be assigned a random supervisor at the beginning of the project year. This is not in your interest as you may well get the worst possible arrangement. Even if you cannot find a perfect proposal and/or cannot find a supervisor for your own proposal, it is still better for you to select a proposal than not selecting anything at all.

Dates and deadlines will be announced by e-mail and are also available in the PATS Tasks section..

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