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Project Viva

The final part of your project is your project examination, which will take place after the exams. This viva exam will be timetabled any time in the University's Examinations period, usually in exam week 4 and 5. You must therefore remain available at the University until the end of the Examinations. You should not arrange any holidays, employment or other commitments until after this date. The timetable for the viva exams will be published as soon as possible after the submission deadline.

Note, that not attending your viva exam will result in you failing the module (unless you have extenuating circumstances in which case the viva exam will be rescheduled).

Below we explain the procedure that you need to follow for your project examination.

Your project examination is in the form of a viva, conducted by your supervisor and moderator together. The normal format of a viva is this: you demonstrate the work you have done your project to your supervisor and moderator first, and then they ask you some questions on your project. The format of project demonstration may vary. If your project has resulted in some software system or prototype, demonstration of the workings of your software in the lab will be necessary, but no formal presentation is required. If your project is of an analytic nature, then it may be demonstrated through a carefully constructed presentation, showing your analytic process and your findings. The questions that your supervisor and moderator will be asking you after your demo/presentation, will be based around your project, for example, your choice of software, justification for your choice of methodology, your design method, validity of results, etc. It may also involve some general issues in the context of your project and your degree programme. This whole process should last no longer than one hour.

As part of the viva questions, supervisors and moderators will explicitly query you on whether ethical approval was obtained for any elements that involved human participation in some way. You should be aware of the requirements and procedures following a talk in the autumn semester and a reminder email before the spring semester.

The timetable for the vivas will be made available to you, usually by e-mail. Please check your e-mails regularly, particularly nearer the time in case there are last minute changes to the schedule. Five minutes before the time of your viva, you should make yourself ready and wait outside your supervisors's office. Your supervisor and moderator will then ask you to take them to the lab to see your demo. After the demo, you may stay in the lab or go to your supervisor's office for the questions and discuss your project. If your demo is in the form of presentation or uses a laptop, then your supervisor may ask you to do it in his or her room. You can also agree with your supervisor and moderator to meet you in the lab directly, but make sure both of them know about this. Ensure that you are not late for your viva. Missing the viva means that you will fail your project module, unless you have a valid reason for missing it (see extenuating circumstances). If you have any questions regarding the viva and its arrangements for your specific project or there are any special requirements, please discuss this with your supervisor well before the viva date.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your project is demonstrable on the day. It would be a good idea that you should try it out the night before and then perhaps “minutes” before your viva. This is particularly important for those who have used their own computers/software to develop their projects - the sofware may not work on the School's computers! It is your responsibility to make sure that your project is demonstrable. You can bring in your own equipment for the demonstration, but it is your responsibility to arrange this.

All project demonstrations will be conducted in C/2.05, the PC Lab, which will be set up with Linux, Mac and Windows computers. The lab is reserved for project demonstration only in the viva weeks. To set up your demo, please use other labs - they are all networked and operate in the same way. If you have developed your project using your own computer and you wish to demo your project using your own computer, then you may bring your computer in on the day and place it in C/2.05 for your demo. Note that you may need to register your computer on School's network, so please check with our system administrators. For any more specific requirements for the demo, e.g. specialised hardware, please discuss with your supervisor and our system administrators to find a suitable way to execute the demo.

Contact the project coordinator if you have any queries regarding your viva.

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