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Team Presentation

This documentation is preliminary and will be updated later.

A team presentation on the project, including a demonstration of system must be submitted in the second semester (in week 11 of the second semester, up to 1h including audience questions and discussions, worth 10%).

Please contact your supervisor to arrange a time for the presentation early on.

The presentation must cover the solution to the problem your team is addressing, focusing on the core challenges of the overall problem. It should address the individual core contributions of the team members as well as how these are integrated to form a complete solution of the problem. You must be able to demonstrate the system running, so make sure you test this with the whole team before the demonstration. Also do not underestimate the time it takes to integrate various solutions into one working system.

Your presentation will be evaluated by the supervisor and moderator according to these criteria:

  • Coherent and detailed presentation of the solution to the problem, focusing on major challenges of the project.
  • Discussion of how the components developed by each team member has been integrated into a complete solution and clear indication who has done what.
  • Evidence of testing and evaluation with clear statements of what the system is capable, and what not.
  • Professional presentation with clear structure and timing.
  • Engagement with the audience.
  • Handling of questions and discussions.

Supervisor and moderator will give you oral feedback after your presentation, which should be part of the 1h slot, so please allow time for feedback, questions and discussions when planning your presentation. They will also write a combined written short report on your presentation with detailed feedback to justify your mark.

Team Presentation coursework instructions: ODT PDF

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