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Typesetting Rules for Report Presentation

This is a list of general typesetting rules for the undergraduate final year project reports.


Ensure you stick to the word limit assigned for the specific report, as stated in the module guidelines. The word count does not include the supporting structures, but only the contents of the main report sections, excluding front-matter, figures and tables, and appendices. There is no minimum length but it is mainly through the report that your project will be judged so the report should adequately reflect the work done in the project.

Font Size

Reports should be typeset in a 12pt font.

Line Spacing

Reports should have single line spacing. The report should be economical on paper. It should not, for example, contain excessive amounts of whitespace. Only the major sections need to begin on a new page.


Reports should be typeset with some word-processing system, e.g. LaTeX, LibreOffice or Word. The final project report should be presented as a PDF file with any other documentation in the appendices of the report. Artefacts produced for the project that are to be processed by other software such as a compiler or interpreter should be submitted as separate file(s). If files are submitted as an archive, it should be in zip format (other formats can be uploaded, but will be converted automatically into zip by PATS). Typically this will be the source code for software developed for the project. For details see the Submission Guide.

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