Stock price prediction using Machine Learning

Demetris Mesimeris


Supervised by Dr Daniela Tsaneva; Moderated by Matthew J W Morgan

I've recently been involved in the stock market which I found a very interesting experience and something that I could see my self do in the future. I couldn't help but wonder how much easier trading would be with the help of an efficient price prediction software.

My master degree's dissertation is a perfect opportunity for me to experiment and learn more about this topic and since I already have some experience with Machine Learning from my Bachelor's degree dissertation, I would like to further study this sector and use Machine Learning to attempt and create a software that can use data to predict the movement of stock prices.

This will happen with the use of Python and relevant libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow, SciKit, Pandas, etc.

Final Report (05/11/2021) [Zip Archive]

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