Designing and Implementing a Plant Watering Assistant Using Raspberry Pi

Michael Chapman


Supervised by Nervo Verdezoto Dias; Moderated by Parisa Eslambolchilar

Watering the plants is a chore for any plant parent. This can all be solved in a eco-friendly manner. Automation is becoming a larger part of our lives every day, so why not use the tools we have to take some of the more mundane, forgettable tasks off of our hands. This project used a raspberry pi model 4b linked to a moisture sensor, 5v relay, and water pump. The aim of this project is to have the Raspberry Pi read the moisture level in the soil. If it is below a certain level, the system will either run the water pump watering the plant for a set amount of time or send a text SMS depending on the configured controls. The system would run a constant output to a screen attached to the Raspberry Pi with visuals relating to the moisture level of the plant, the last time it was watered, and alert controls for text SMS messaging if the water tank falls low. There will also be options for setting the watering threshold as every plant has unique watering needs.

Requirements will be gathered and verified using an online survey asking opinions, attitudes and perceptions of plant ownership, watering habits and plant watering systems.

After development, an online user evaluation in which potential users will be shown all aspects of the prototype and asked for feedback will be conducted. this provides a critical evaluation of the prototype developed and helps identify the potential future of the project.

This project has large scale implications in vertical farming with a sustainable nature that allows for greater profit and lower carbon emissions than other grid-powered methods. On a smaller scale, there are mental health benefits of being surrounded by thriving nature and preventing the need for mass produced plants such as herbs.

Final Report (05/11/2021) [Zip Archive]

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