When is the best time to exchange your money?

Eun-Kyul Ko


Supervised by Parisa Eslambolchilar; Moderated by Sylwia Polberg

The foreign exchange market is so unpredictable; you never know when is the best time to exchange your money. Especially with current political problems such as Brexit and COVID-19 it makes the currency fluctuate even more. As an international student I often face problems regarding fluctuating exchange rates. With the same amount of money you send over from abroad, one day you can get a few percent more, and the next day you get a few percent less. Although the percentages are less than 1%, depending on the amount of money you are sending this could result in differences of £10, or could even end up in thousands of pounds difference which is critical. However, checking the currency rates every day I can be tedious and time consuming. In this project I would like to design a prototype that gives people notifications when a certain currency drops by certain rate, or drops below certain amount, so that people are able to exchange money at the best rate.

Initial Plan (07/02/2022) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (12/05/2022) [Zip Archive]

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