Face image decomposition and manipulation

Yongyi Wu


Supervised by Jing Wu; Moderated by Chris B Jones

The appearance of a face is a joint effect from multiple factors including the shape, texture, and environment illumination. Altering any of these factors will change the appearance presented in face photos. This project will adopt the decompose-alter-combine process to manipulate the face appearance in photos. The student is expected to 1) explore and implement existing methods to decompose a face photo into different visual cues, e.g. facial contours, shading, reflectance/texture; Candidate techniques include suggestive contours and intrinsic image decomposition; 2) explore and implement simple methods to alter each individual cues, e.g., exaggerating the shading, etc.; 3) develop an interactive GUI for the decompose-alter-combine process.

Initial Plan (06/02/2022) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (27/05/2022) [Zip Archive]

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