Creating Cyber Security Training Exercises for Developers

Alex Hayman


Supervised by Yulia Cherdantseva; Moderated by Fernando Loizides

Web applications are often a point of interest for cyber criminals as they are publicly available online and contain personal data, user credentials and financial information. Once the application is compromised, hackers can pivot around the network where the website is being hosted and target more machines. It is essential for developers to have good security practices when developing websites. There is also a growing market in gamification of cyber security learning. Websites such as HackTheBox and TryHackMe provide real life scenarios for ethical hackers to test their enumeration and exploitation of systems including web applications and provide a leaderboard system. However these resources are catered towards people in the cyber security field. This project will aim to teach developers how to improve their secure development skills with interactive cyber security training exercises.

Initial Plan (07/02/2022) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (27/05/2022) [Zip Archive]

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