A Web Application for Recording a Personal Diary with Spaced Repetition Training

Nyasha Sibanda


Supervised by Alia I Abdelmoty; Moderated by Catherine Teehan

The proposed project is a web application for recording a personal or study diary, implementing spaced-repetition training to allow users to better remember important information and the events of their lives. There are numerous diary apps and websites currently available, with both online and offline functionality. These programs typically serve a number of productivity functions, including personal organisation and time management. These apps are ostensibly designed - at least in part - to help users remember information. Learners need to access such information during exams, assignments or complex tasks. Diary-keepers use this information to remind themselves of the events of their lives, and to keep track of upcoming events.

Current apps allow users to organise their information, but make no effort to help users recall information they deem important. This project attempts to fulfil this need through the design and implementation of a web application that allows users to keep an ongoing diary, processing this information into relatively atomised elements, and generating digital "flashcards" that users can use to revise the information they enter. These flashcards will be shown at intervals defined by a spaced-repetition algorithm, to maximise retention of information while minimising the number of flashcards a user is required to review each day to retain all the information therein.

Final Report (07/10/2021) [Zip Archive]

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