Mobile car messaging system

Alex Hutchings


Supervised by George Theodorakopoulos; Moderated by David W Walker

This project would consider the possibility of creating a system that provides an interface for drivers to pass on important information to other drivers on the road. For example, if the car in front has a brake light that is not working, then you can send a message to that car that reads, "Your left brake light is not working." The system would act as a central hub that could communicate warning messages to drivers, traffic updates and general hardware issues.

The messages could potentially stop drivers from getting fines or warnings from law enforcement officers.

The system itself would be a mobile application that could relay these messages through a server that could simulate a potential organisation like the DVLA. Only registered drivers would be able to use this system. registered drivers would have a certificate issued by the server that authenticates them as authorised drivers. A certificate would be produced based on the driver's registration number. Once drivers are authenticated and have a valid certificate they would be able to transfer messages to other cars using wifi-direct or through the server if the other car is not a registered user on the system.

The project would explore the use of Mobile and vehicular adhoc networks to see if users could communicate through wireless communications via RSI's or Wi-Fi direct to transmit messages between eachother rather than through a server. Potentially the server could then be used to generate the certificates and then transmit other important information like traffic updates and maintenance routes.

The aims of the project would be: Develop a prototype mobile application that could relay these messages. Create a server that would authenticate drivers as registered on the system so that they could use the application. Secure the messages that are being sent by the user by generating certificates to authenticate the drivers.

Initial Plan (30/01/2017) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (05/05/2017) [Zip Archive]

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