Web platform for live lectures with the option of viewing past lectures - proof of concept

Andon Gribachev


Supervised by Dr Daniela Tsaneva; Moderated by Paul L Rosin

Whilst, I stayed in Bulgaria I have identified certain issues with the platforms that Bulgarian universities use for their lectures and live sessions. That inspired me to create such a web platform as my final year project. On the platform, students would be able to attend live sessions streamed from the lecturer. Having said that, there would be the option of seeing past lecture recordings. Every student would have a personal profile and would be able to attend live sessions as part of just the course that he/she is studying. Recordings of other courses, would not be seen by the student. To create such a web platform I am planning to use Python's library Django for the back end of the platform and javascript(Angular or React), bootstrap, HTML, and CSS for the front end of it. Overall, the scale of such a project might be too big to develop as my final year project. However,

I am motivated to develop the described platform as a proof of concept project.

Initial Plan (08/02/2021) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (28/05/2021) [Zip Archive]

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