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Final Year Project Wiki

This is a collection of guides and instructions for preparing and submitting the final year project deliverables. We refer to the project you are working on in your last year of study as final year project, which also includes the dissertation for the master degrees.

This wiki covers all final year projects at computer science. Please choose the main page from the list below, depending on the project module you are taking to get started, as each of the modules have different requirements and deliverables.

This information is updated over time, so please check this site regularly and whenever you have a question about your final year project. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed to keep up to date.

Important updates will also be announced by e-mail, either via the relevant computer science student and staff e-mail lists or directly to your e-mail address listed for your PATS account. Some of these e-mails may be automated by the PATS bot, especially about missed or close deadlines. So please make sure you check your e-mail regularly and ensure your PATS e-mail is correct.

Project Archive

Previous projects published are available under the Archives section of PATS. Note that these projects may not have been executed under the same requirements than your project, but they can still help you to get an idea of what a project could look like.


At the bottom of each wiki page you find a discussion section where you can leave any comments, suggestions or question relating to the page content, if you are logged into your PATS account. This feature is intended for general comments and discussions. We cannot scan all pages for comments and issues quickly, so if it is something urgent or important please e-mail your supervisor or project coordinator instead.


We hope you will find this information to be of value in completing your project. If you have any comments, or wish to suggest good sources of advice that you have found, please let your project supervisor or the project coordinator know so that we can update these guidelines.

The project coordinators are

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