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Projects from 2021

Adam Kosak2D Game: fill/connect all tiles with a continuous pathMartin CaminadaGeorge Theodorakopoulos2021-CM3203
The basic premise of the proposal is to create a simple game based around trying to fill a grid in one continous path. The main inspirations for this are snake game, or rather its hypothethical end goal of eventually filling the entire board with the snake's body as it gets longer (view the gif for reference:, and various puzzles with the goal of connecting all pathways with one continuous line. The main difference between my idea and traditional snake, is that ...[more]
Adriano SoleIdentifying narrative text on RedditSteven SchockaertPhilipp Reinecke2021-CM3203
Neural network models for natural language processing are typically pre-trained on large text collections such as Wikipedia. This allows these models to learn word knowledge without the need for an explicit supervision signal. However, the kind of knowledge they can learn in this way crucially depends on the type of text collection that is used. For instance, Wikipedia is a common choice. By pre-training models on encylopedic text, they can acquire a lot of factual knowledge about the world. On ...[more]
Akansha GargAnalysing Covid-19 Sentiment on Twitter in The United KingdomSteven SchockaertChris B Jones2021-CM3203
For over a year and half the world has been dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been described as the most challenging crisis humanity has had to face since World War II (, 2020). The pandemic has affected everyone and everything; the impacts have been long lasting and will change the way people will live their lives in the future. With new information being released almost every day in the United Kingdom regarding the rules and regulations, people’s sentiment towards the pa...[more]
Akash DeorajPredicting online shoppers' purchasing intention using machine learningYuhua LiDavid J Humphreys2021-CM3203
E-commerce has become a major form of retail market. Online customers often browse pages of e-commerce sites before they place orders or abandon their browsing without purchase. It is important to predict customers' purchasing intention so retention measures (e.g., recommending suitable products) can be take to convert potential customers into purchasers. Customers may leave a trace of browsing history data or user information when they visit an online shopping site. This project aims to predict...[more]
Alexander HardacreEarly Years EducationMatthew J W MorganPadraig Corcoran2021-CM3203
Due to the rise of COVID and social distancing within Schools, Early Years (KS1) have suffered a lack of hands on teaching when it comes to learning content such as the alphabet and other basic drawing/writing skills. My proposal is a mobile application that will allow Children to learn and practice such skills. This will involve app development as well research into how exactly the skills that a teacher can provide can also be transferred into the application to provide a positive experience fo...[more]
Alexander ScottInvestigating Factors Affecting User Immersion in Virtual Reality ApplicationsCharith PereraNervo Verdezoto Dias2021-CM3203
Immersion is important for many facets of VR applications, including games as well as software tools. I am hoping to create an application to allow users to interact in a set environment in a number of different ways to determine which the user finds the most effective and immersive method of interaction, and collate the data to present my findings.[more]
Alex JamesRealtime Liquid Simulation for 3D EnvironmentsBailin DengNeetesh Saxena2021-CM3203
Many strategies exist for simulating bodies of particles of varying states in two dimensions, but modern hardware is yet to make such methods practical at a fine resolution in three dimensions. While hybrid grid-particle systems are available on the graphics industry's cutting edge, they are targeted at photorealistic fluid simulation for film visual effects rather than performative, interactive, real-time media. I plan to explore several avenues of such simulation, with an objective to make a s...[more]
Alfie PotterCarbon Neutral cardiff by 2030Catherine TeehanSteven Schockaert2021-CM3203
Cardiff City Council have vowed to make Cardiff carbon neutral within 10 years. This is a hugely ambitious task and will involve the creation of multiple policies to encourage and enforce compliance. This project will use System Dynamics to model the problem space and identify potential policy action. The project will look at creating both qualitative causality models and quantitative simulation models that identify and test potential policy solutions. This project will involve working with ...[more]
Alfred RowettDigital Health Passport for Looked After ChildrenCatherine TeehanMichael Daley2021-CM3203
Looked after children are often declared 'wards of the state' where Parental Responsibility has been awarded to local authorities. Looked after children are children that have been removed from their homes because the home environment has been declared 'unsafe'. They often end up being moved between foster homes, group homes and other relatives. This is particularly difficult when trying to keep track of appointments essential to their health and well-being. Working in collaboration with the ...[more]
Anastasia UgasteReinforcement Learning Algorithms for Controlling Quantum Spin-1/2 NetworkFrank C LangbeinKirill Sidorov2021-CM3203
Quantum spin-1/2 networks are highly relevant for quantum technologies with applications ranging from quantum spintronics for computing, simulation and networking to magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy in healthcare. This project investigates the use of reinforcement learning algorithms to control the dynamics of such networks to implement information transfer using energy landscape shaping. Results are compared with L-BFGS controllers. There is no doubt that under ideal circumstances L-...[more]
Andon GribachevWeb platform for live lectures with the option of viewing past lectures - proof of conceptDr Daniela TsanevaPaul L Rosin2021-CM3203
Whilst, I stayed in Bulgaria I have identified certain issues with the platforms that Bulgarian universities use for their lectures and live sessions. That inspired me to create such a web platform as my final year project. On the platform, students would be able to attend live sessions streamed from the lecturer. Having said that, there would be the option of seeing past lecture recordings. Every student would have a personal profile and would be able to attend live sessions as part of just the...[more]
Andre MansleyA standalone crypto currency seed analyser. (Suggested by South Wales Police)Michael DaleyStefano Zappala2021-CM3203
A standalone crypto currency seed analyser. There are tools like – but what would be of significant value would be a tool that would analyse a recovery seed from a crypto wallet to output known addresses that it would use. Then a means of exporting this information to cross reference the blockchain. So in essence if we have a recovery seed, the investigator wants to as quickly as possible understand if there is any value in recovering the wallet because crypto currency may be pr...[more]
Andrew BoltonEfficient Evaluation of COVID-19 Safety for Interior LayoutsBailin DengJing Wu2021-CM3203
Due to COVID-19, there is a need to design new indoor workspaces or modify existing ones in a way that is compliant with COVID safety guidelines. For example, the occupants should be able to easily move to different parts of the space while maintaining social distancing. For this purpose, it is important to have a tool that can quickly evaluate the performance of an interior layout based on the ease of movement within the space subject to social distancing constraints. This project will develop ...[more]
Aric FowlerOptimising for entertainment in the vote-reveal problemRichard BoothPhilipp Reinecke2021-CM3203
In many elections or competitions, a set of voters will rank a set of candidates from best to worst, or will give scores to some of the candidates, with the winner then being the candidate that gets the highest total number of points. When it comes to revealing the result after all votes have been cast, some competitions proceed by having a roll-call of all the voters in which each announces their own scores. This is often done for entertainment purposes (see, for example, the Eurovision Song Co...[more]
Arlyn MilesQuantifying the different COVID-19 variants present in wastewater within South WalesBailin DengHelen R Phillips2021-CM3203
The aim of this project is to identify quantify the different variants of COVID-19 present in waste water samples collected within South Wales. I have worked with Professor Peter Kille (Director of Technology and Bio-Initiatives at the School of Biosciences) as my client, collaborating with the ongoing research into this subject. The data I have used is sequenced RNA data from wastewater and individual samples from online databases. I have created an optimised pipeline to process this sequence...[more]
Balqees Al-AjmiCreating a ML model based on Network Activity to detect Attacks from malicious web serverAmir JavedMartin J Chorley2021-CM3203
In this project will be carried out in three stages. Stage 1 Path 1 1. Collect data from an online social network around a popular topic. 2. Identify those URL that are pointing to malicious web servers by checking them against Virus Total , send request via Virus Total API Path 2 1. Look at publicly available source of URL's classified as malicious [pointing to malicious web servers], such as Phistank etc. Stage 2 1. Using VirtualBox create a sandboxed environment 2. In the sandboxed environ...[more]
Bartlomiej Krol2D racing game with a focus on oversteer/drift physicsBailin DengNatasha Edwards2021-CM3203
I plan on creating a 2D racing game with semi-realistic physics that focuses on oversteer/drifting mechanics. There will be a point scoring system based on the way the car drifts. If time allows I would also like to explored the idea of AI battling against you, otherwise there will be a high score leaderboard. The biggest challenge will definitely be implementing grip physics of 4 different wheels, or 2 separate axles if I decide to simplify the physics a bit, and make them work together. I will...[more]
Caitlyn PowellDigital Guide to Being a Looked After ChildCatherine TeehanMartin Caminada2021-CM3203
Being a looked after child is scary, overwhelming and confusing with loads of different people, processes and agencies involved. A looked after child is often removed from their parental home because of child protection issues where it has been determined that the child is in danger of significant harm. Children will often not understand what is happening to them and will be faced with lots of agencies suddenly involved in their lives. Each of these agencies will have acronyms and processes th...[more]
Charles HoweHow technology can improve restaurant safety during a pandemicCarolina Fuentes ToroJing Wu2021-CM3203
Restaurants have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, safety of customers and staff has never been so important. Due to the ever-changing restrictions, restaurants have been forced to adjust, to comply with government safety precautions. Small, independent eateries can struggle to have the capital to spend on temporary safeguards. Technology could be the answer. This project I will endeavour to show how cloud systems can help protect the safety and wellbeing of staff and customers, as...[more]
Charlie WebbMapping locations in textsChris B JonesUsashi Chatterjee2021-CM3203
The aim of this project is to produce a web application that allows the user to map the places mentioned in texts. The system will use named entity recognition (NER) and geocoding software such as that provided by SpaCy and the GeoPy libraries respectively to identify and geocode (generate the coordinates for) locations mentioned in a text provided by the user. The locations will then be plotted on a map (using a background map such as that of OpenStreetMap). Depending on progress, more advance...[more]
Chenxi ZhangAgent-based Simulation of COVID-19 TransmissionBailin DengXianfang Sun2021-CM3203
The proposed projects will use agent-based modelling to simulate and visualise how COVID-19 spreads in the crowd. To keep things simple, we will run the simulation on a small population with a simple environment setting. A variety of factors will be explored, including: - Adherence to social distancing measure - Availability of mass testing - Hospital capacity - Quarantine measures - Asymptomatic patients The student should be familiar with python or Java programming and has reasonable math sk...[more]
Conor McsweeneyEfficient Ordered Transparency Rendering for Static 3D MeshesXianfang SunPaul L Rosin2021-CM3203
In traditional rasterized 3D graphics, correct rendering of transparency in a scene is a difficult problem. Transparent pixels/triangles must be rendered from furthest to nearest in the scene to appear correct, as the result of alpha-blended transparency is order dependent. A complete general solution requires significant real-time computation that has only become possible on consumer-grade GPUs in the last few years (per-pixel linked lists). Approximate general solutions can be obtained with l...[more]
Daisy MalbonSerious games to teach children statisticsDr Daniel J. FinneganPadraig Corcoran2021-CM3203
This project aims to develop a serious game for teaching young children (primary school level) basic statistics. The project involves the conception, design, development, and evaluation of a game to teach young children summary statistics e.g. mean, mode, median etc. You should contact me to discuss the project further with me as details need to be determined soon after selecting the project.[more]
Damjan DimovskiMirror detection from RGBD imagesJing WuHiroyuki Kido2021-CM3203
Mirrors often cause ambiguities in scene understanding. For example, when a robot sees a corridor reflected from a large mirror, it may not be able to tell it's a reflected scene and wrongly navigate into it. This ambiguity is particularly a problem when using RGB (image) information only. On the other hand, depth sensing provides an additional modality that complements the RGB information. This project will use an RGBD camera to collect images with mirrors in them, compare the data captured i...[more]
Daniel GriffithsBeyond Words ApplicationCatherine TeehanVíctor Gutiérrez Basulto2021-CM3203
Beyond Words want me to create an application for all of the different performers aged 8 - 16. There will be a messaging service, comedy page, news page and much more. I will also be locking content based on the age of the user as the old age group would see more. I have all of the support of the Beyond Words team while creating this app, to make it as fit for purpose as possible. Thanks in advance, if you have any questions please contact me on Daniel Griffiths.[more]
Darren O'CallaghanDiscovery of the recent music trends based on Sentiment Analysis in Twitter or SpotifyDr Daniela TsanevaVíctor Gutiérrez Basulto2021-CM3203
Music industry is moving fast, and new trends are emerging quickly. This project will work on predicting the new trends in music genres based on Sentiment Analysis in Twitter or Spotify. By analyzing the sentiments of the users automatically we can provide statistical information about the music genre which is favorite to most of them and based on that make a prediction of future music trends. Good Python programming skills is required for this project since a Sentiment Analysis classifier need...[more]
Dion Watts-EvansMachine Learning for Sonic the Hedgehog Video GamesFederico LiberatoreCharith Perera2021-CM3203
My proposal is a Machine Learning project to complete levels in the classic sega megadrive sonic games. Creating an Ai for these games provide several interesting challenges for me to overcome such as: - developing a meaningful heuristic for the games' often sprawling level design often requiring the player to move backwards to progress - creating proper tools to allow the Ai to visualise the playspace In addition to completing levels in the true spirit of the games I would like to make my A...[more]
Dylan JohnsExploring Non-Verbal Negotiation in Multiplayer GamesArgenis Ramirez GomezVíctor Gutiérrez Basulto2021-CM3203
Multiplayer online games usually rely on verbal input (e.g. voice, text) for communication between players during gameplay. However, players can experience contexts where verbal input modalities are inconvenient, unavailable, or not as ready to hand. In the popular game ‘Among Us’, players need to either rely on third-party software to enable voice-chat or use text input to negotiate a polling system. Yet, these methods might not be equally convenient for different platforms players can use ...[more]
Dylan VincentUniversal Document Recommender SystemStuart M AllenStefano Zappala2021-CM3203
The idea is to create a system that can recommend documents based on a given document (string) input. The system will use an internal storage of retrievable documents initially, but could later point to a few selected websites and search their databases for documents with similarities to the input document. I will be looking at algorithms for Vector Space Modeling as well as other possible Natural Language Processing methods and comparing them against each other via an evaluation function. This ...[more]
Ellis DoranGame based learning to teach Cyber Security and Forensic conceptsCatherine TeehanNatasha Edwards2021-CM3203
Research and develop game based resources for the development of pupils security and forensic knowledge and understanding.[more]
Emma HallEducational animation tool for phishing/vishing awarenessAmir JavedFederico Liberatore2021-CM3203
My idea is to create an interactive user interface which quizzes participants on the different types of phishing/vishing attacks. Each scenario will challenge the participant with different ways in which they could be faced with these types of attacks. I plan to implement it via HTML/CSS and JavaScript. I want to test a variety of people from different age groups and backgrounds (security skillsets), all of whom could be a victim of this type of attack. I aim to identify the major gap there is...[more]
George BrowningA Camera System for Tracking Baseball PitchesHantao LiuDr Katarzyna Stawarz2021-CM3203
Since 2006, Major League Baseball has used a camera system, similar to cricket or tennis' Hawkeye, to track the speed and movement of a pitch to judge where in the strike-zone and how fast a pitch is thrown. Sadly, the technology does not exist outside of professional sport. The proposed project attempts to create an amateur-accessible version of this system that can track pitch speed and position and accurately call balls and strikes using only a single camera. The project incorporates aspects...[more]
Georgina HarveyCreating a cryptography animation for visual learnersGeorge TheodorakopoulosVíctor Gutiérrez Basulto2021-CM3203
My idea is to create an animation that shows the difference between ECB and CBC cryptography modes of operations. I will show this through animating the static diagrams and using the ECB penguin to visually display the drawbacks of ECB and how CBC can solve this. In addition to this depending on the scope of my timings I might broaden this comparison to all modes of operations that gets covered in your security module. These animations can be used as a visual aid for your third-year students. I ...[more]
Harry SuggettA Virtual Reality App to Interact with a 2D Arcade GameYukun LaiHiroyuki Kido2021-CM3203
The aim of the project is to create a virtual reality (VR) app that could demonstrate a novel method of interacting with traditional 2D video games in a 3D VR environment.[more]
Hollie ShearingDo exercise games increase motivation to exercise?Dr Daniel J. FinneganVíctor Gutiérrez Basulto2021-CM3203
Studying how people are getting/staying fit during the pandemic. Diary entries and other methods for data collection are sensible. Talk to me for details[more]
Hossein RamezanianCreating a 2D Side Scroller game skeleton, with networking, Artificial intelligence, and map generation capabilitiesFrank C LangbeinJing Wu2021-CM3203
This project is a 2D-Sidescroller game that focuses on the technical aspect of game development. The game has been made using the Unity engine and scripted in C#. the project offers controllable characters, Finite state machine agents with pathfinding capabilities, networked environment with a Server-Client architecture and a random map generation tool.[more]
Hugo TrumanCrime Visualization and Forecasting ApplicationFederico LiberatoreHiroyuki Kido2021-CM3203
A web application that makes use of crime prediction algorithms to inform users where local crimes are predicted to happen. It will tell the user where they should stay away from as crimes are more likely to happen and where is safer. The application will also allow the user to see the likelihood of a rise and fall of crime in an area, which could be useful for a family looking to buy a new house in a safe area. Users will be able to view hotspots of crime and potentially see what times of day a...[more]
Izabele BauzyteRelevant Features and Models in the Detection of Malicious COVID-19 TweetsAmir JavedBailin Deng2021-CM3203
With the explosion of technology usage spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, malicious actors worldwide have taken this opportunity to create and spread new types of coronavirus-related malware and scams, relying on social media networks such as Twitter to quicken the spread. This paper investigated a set of processed tweet features, including: named entity labels, parts-of-speech, emotion and sentiment analysis, textual attributes, and tweet account features, to determine which features are most he...[more]
Jack DaviesImplementation of a data privacy protection tool for relational dataJianhua ShaoUsashi Chatterjee2021-CM3203
As an increased amount of data being gathered and stored, how to protect the private information contained within such data sets becomes an important issue. One of the recent approach to addressing this issue is called k-anonymisation, which attempts to make any record in a data set identical to at least k-1 other records (hence no individual could be identified). This project aims to implement a software tool based one of the exisiting k-anonymisation algorithms, to help anonymize relational da...[more]
James BatemanA Syntactic Pattern Recognition Approach to Wave AnalysisPaul L RosinDavid J Humphreys2021-CM3203
Safety is of constant concern to boat pilots. While there are good mobile applications that can give an approximation of current weather conditions, and some that can track other local vessels, there are no systems which address the safety of current wave conditions. This paper presents an application of syntactic pattern recognition to the analysis of ocean waves in the context of boat safety. The solution uses a boat’s dimensions to build a parser that is capable of classifying a time series...[more]
Jonny SlimImplement a GNU Radio driver for the FLEX-6400 SDR TransceiverDavid J HumphreysXianfang Sun2021-CM3203
The FLEX-6400 is an impressive Software Defined Radio (SDR), capable of transmission and reception of signals up to 54MHz. GNU Radio is a versatile open-source Python / C++ based Software Development Toolkit, used by hobbyists and professionals alike, which allows users to interconnect "blocks" to form a flexible, fully customisable transceiver system. Although the FLEX-6400 is fully controllable via its network-based API, no method currently exists to allow it to connect to GNU Radio. This proj...[more]
Joseph GarnettInvestigation into the long and short term health effects of a computer centric University courseCatherine TeehanBailin Deng2021-CM3203
Produce a investigation report of the long and short term health effects of computer centric courses. This would primarily be focused on the potential harm that can be done by taking a course revolving primarily around sitting at a desk working on a computer. It will also provide methods to reduce the effects and healthy practices to help prevent any major damage being made to a human body. Through computer calculations, an estimate of these affects across an extended period of time can be mad...[more]
Joshua TuckerA Low Cost IoT Prototype To Evaluate Sit-To-Stand Exercises For Older AdultsDr Katarzyna StawarzHantao Liu2021-CM3203
Maintaining an active lifestyle is key to sustained health in older adults, and current technologies such as the Mircosoft Kinect are often too expensive and complex for many older adults to integrate into their daily lives. This project implements an internet-of-things prototype tailored towards strength exercises for older adults, using a computer vision approach in order to evaluate sit-to-stand exercise, that is lower in cost, and oriented specifically towards older adults. The prototype ...[more]
Judith MaySecurity and vulnerability in grid managementPhilipp ReineckeSurya Thottam Valappil2021-CM3203
The software for Grid solutions is a niche market with only a few companies in the world that offer software and hardware solutions for the monitoring, control, and distribution of the electrical power system such as ABB, SIEMENS, GE, OSI, Schneider Electric etc. These companies offer solutions such as Energy Management Systems, Distribution Management Solutions, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Grid Analytics, Wide Area Management Systems etc. Most countries in the worl...[more]
Kiril EngovskiBuilding a Twitter Clone with Neo4JAlia I AbdelmotyYipeng Qin2021-CM3203
In this project you will learn how to use a Graph Database as a store for social newtwork data through building a Twitter Clone. You will explore other possible extended database solutions, and evaluate exiting applications and critically appraise your developed solutions against those.[more]
Kyle Swire-ThompsonCyber-Events Detection in Smart Grid for Situational AwarenessNeetesh SaxenaHantao Liu2021-CM3203
The aim of the project is to develop cyber events detection capability in the smart grid for improving situational awareness. The work involves finding the indicators of compromise, packet analysis, and exploring other footprints to understand the nature of the events and cyber-behaviour.[more]
Lara AshfordAnimating security conceptsGeorge TheodorakopoulosParisa Eslambolchilar2021-CM3203
Interactive animations are a useful educational tool that actively engage the learner in the learning process, giving immediate feedback about the concept or skill being learned. In parallel, security education has been identified as a priority nationally and worldwide. In this project, I will design and develop interactive animations for cryptographic or more general security concepts and processes.[more]
Laura EdwardsSpecies distribution modelling with machine learningChris B JonesJing Wu2021-CM3203
This project will will use machine learning methods to predict the geographical distribution of wildlife species. Ground truth data for species distribution can be obtained from a citizen science portal such as the National Biodioversity Network. Data to characterise and differentiate between different locations will be obtained from various sources that record environmental features such as climate, land cover, elevation, soil types and population density. The project will experiment with class...[more]
Luca PassarielloMyBookChoice - A reading books recommender algorithm and websiteDr Daniela TsanevaMatthew J W Morgan2021-CM3203
Sometimes people find it difficult to decide what book to read next or are unaware what new books have been printed. The aim of this project is to create a recommender system in the form of a web site, which uses a recommendation algorithm returning the results of recommended books to the user depending on the criteria they have selected. The website would have to provide visual selection of the desired book features and easy to use, as well as responsive, while also being efficient in recommend...[more]
Maria RobertsIoT Device Security Penetration TestingYulia CherdantsevaIrena Spasic2021-CM3203
IoT devices sometimes don't have a lot of security and weaknesses of the device can be investigated and improved on. Using a systematic methodology involving penetration testing I will try to find vulnerabilities in the security of the IoT device chosen by the supervisor and I (which I would be happy to purchase). I would then be able to provide some recommendations for fixing these vulnerabilities. I will be using knowledge of networks and Wireshark.[more]
Mark BurnittRule-based Incident-Response for Vehicle’s Safety and Situational AwarenessNeetesh SaxenaStuart M Allen2021-CM3203
The project aims to develop cyber incident-response capabilities by analysing the data collected from CAN traffic for the vehicle’s safety and situational awareness. The work involves finding the indicators of compromise, packet analysis, and exploring other footprints to understand the nature of the cyber-attacks and malicious behaviour.[more]
Marton ZeislerDeveloping a platform for finding and organising sport gamesLiam TurnerXianfang Sun2021-CM3203
A lot of sports require more than one person to play such as football, tennis, basketball etc, but it's often difficult to organise a game within our social circles as everyone is busy. However, we don't necessarily need to limit finding sport partners within our social circle, we could play with anyone who's interested in the sport and playing with new people can also help us make new friends. This iOS app would have two main features: 1. Organise a new sport activity, define how many people y...[more]
Matthew Readots and boxes gameMartin CaminadaCarolina Fuentes Toro2021-CM3203
Dots and Boxes is a pencil-and-paper game, of which the details are described at which used to be a popular pastime before the advent of smartphones. Although some online implementations do exist (such as these tend to be limited when it comes to being able to specify the board size (also, none of them seems to support non-rectangular board shapes). Also, it would be interesting to analyse under what circumstances the fi...[more]
Molly WilsonUsing Optimisation Techniques on the Kidney Exchange ProblemRichard BoothBailin Deng2021-CM3203
In the Optimal Matching Problem we assumes we have 2 kinds of object, call them As and Bs, and that we have to match each A with a B, and vice versa. Additionally the As have preferences over which Bs they'd like to be matched with, and vice versa. The aim is to output a matching that makes everyone as happy as possible. This problem has many real world applications (e.g., As are newly qualified doctors, Bs are hospitals with open positions), and has several variants, some of which are known to ...[more]
Octavio Loffaro BustosTrading app/ PredictorVíctor Gutiérrez BasultoHiroyuki Kido2021-CM3203
The initial idea is based on a trading app or website, this concept might have several tools which are of course subject to reachable goals.Between the potential projects in relation to this it can be mentioned: 1. Website for purchase and sell of stocks or just tool for indication of stock prices. API "ALPACA" might be used. 2. Stock performance predictor based on mathematical operations, historical data, OR/AND density of news about a specific stock. The potential use of raw data of Bloomber...[more]
Paige LowePredicting information flow and survival of malicious posts around covid -19Amir JavedParisa Eslambolchilar2021-CM3203
In this Project, we will take the case of the covid-19 and another popular event on Online social platform and built models to predict information flow size and survival using data derived from the popular social networking site Twitter. The main aim in this project would be to see what factors (content based such as emotions, sentiment, etc and account based such as number of followers, friends, age of account) aid in propagation and survival of information.[more]
Rhys DouglasMusic makes you run faster...Martin J ChorleySurya Thottam Valappil2021-CM3203
Both Spotify and Last.FM allow you to access a list of a user's recently played tracks. Multiple services exist for tracking exercise (Strava, Fitbit, Runkeeper, ...) and associated data (heartrate, pace, ...). I'd like to create an app that allows you to compare your exercise data with your recently played music over a large time period to determine whether the music you were listening to has any impact on your performance in the exercise. This could be created as a secure web application acc...[more]
Seamus McGurganExploring strategies for detecting deception in digital systems via analysis of player behaviour in a deception-based gameArgenis Ramirez GomezFederico Liberatore2021-CM3203
We live in an information-driven world in which users are influenced by the data they encounter online in their daily digital interactions. Ambiguous, false or unreliable information puts users at risk of experiencing misleading information that uses deception as a lucrative means. This project aims to explore the concept of deception in multiplayer games through the lens of 'misinformation'. The outcomes of the project include a review of state of the art, the design and development of a digit...[more]
Shing LeeMachine learning of where people look in imagesHantao LiuSteven Schockaert2021-CM3203
Do you know where you are looking at while watching online videos? Do you know where the computers think you are looking at? Modelling visual saliency - predicting where human eyes pay attention to in visual content - has been a very active research area over the past few years in both academia and industry. This project aims to analyse visual attention data in emerging applications in image and vision computing, such as computer rendered images, high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging, medical imaging...[more]
Sophie WellsDeveloping an app that uses smart reminders to support habit formationDr Katarzyna StawarzBailin Deng2021-CM3203
Habits are automatic behavioural responses to environmental cues. Study findings showed 40 percent of the actions people perform each day were not conscious decisions but habits, highlighting the importance of people retaining healthy and sustainable habits. The use of mobile devices has become an integral part of modern life with more than five billion people across the globe estimated to have a mobile device and many people do not have the time or motivation to spend hours researching the psy...[more]
Thomas DoyleImplementation of a data privacy protection method for transaction dataJianhua ShaoCarolina Fuentes Toro2021-CM3203
As an increased amount of transaction data being gathered and stored, how to protect the private information contained within such data sets becomes an important issue. This project aims to implement one of the exisiting algorithms for anonymizing transaction data. The system is expected to be developed in Python.[more]
Thomas WoodruffDesigning an Interactive Application to Promote Healthy Ageing among Older Adults at HomeNervo Verdezoto DiasYukun Lai2021-CM3203
Prerequisites: -Basic knowledge of Human-Computer Interaction and user-centered and/or participatory design methods -Experience developing mobile and/or web applications in several platforms (e.g., Android, HTML5 & Javascript, etc.) -Desirable experience with Spanish (not mandatory) Digital health technologies are becoming increasingly prevalent to support and enhance the everyday experiences of older adults. However, their potential to promote healthy ageing practices has been limited. T...[more]
Timothy Tismo-CapiliMusical Emotional AnalysisFederico LiberatoreLiam Turner2021-CM3203
Music is something that many are passionate about and those that listen to music will often listen to songs that reflect their current mood. The aim of this project is to develop an application that uses a machine learning model to predict a person's mood through the music they have been listening to on Spotify.[more]
Tom KelrossA platform that combines spaced repetition and code-katas, to teach python more effectively.Martin J ChorleyFederico Liberatore2021-CM3203
Spaced repetition[0] is a proven evidence based learning technique. It is most commonly talked about in relation to learning a modern foreign langauge, however it can also be used to assist in learning a programming language[1]. A code kata[2] is a programming drill that helps programmers hone their skills through practice and repetition. For this project, I would like to build a platform that makes it easy for teachers to create a set of flashcards/programming drills that students can pract...[more]
Uthman ShaikhDeveloping a machine learning based Scanner to detect phishing and those emails that contain malwareAmir JavedHiroyuki Kido2021-CM3203
The project will involve developing a tool, that will scan emails for phishing emails based on its content and an email attachment for malicious files. The aim of the project will be to intercept all emails that contain an attachment or have a high probability of being a phishing email to be scanned at a later stage.[more]
Valeria Gomez RamirezA Deep Learning Approach to Brain Age Prediction in Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s Disease and Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderStuart M AllenHelen R Phillips2021-CM3203
Recent publications have shown that training supervised regression methods on MRI brain imaging can be used to predict the brain age of an individual with high precision. We can use these predictions to detect diseases associated with abnormal brain ageing where the predicted age does not match the chronological age. In this paper, we develop a convolutional neural network to predict brain age accurately. The architecture of the model is a simplified adaptation of the VGG architecture. The netw...[more]
Victoria HowellsMultiplayer Hex Game Engine with Networked Server, 3D UI and Artificial IntelligenceFrank C LangbeinIrena Spasic2021-CM3203
The aim of this project was to develop a robust multi-user, multi-game, secure networked server engine for the game ‘Hex’ with a graphical user interface for Human players and several AI players. Hex is a game played between two people, based on players taking turns. The aim of this project is to implement a user interface and game engine to run this game and add artificial intelligence and networking capabilities. Player decisions can either come from a remote human player or a remote AI ...[more]
William TrimbyYear in Industry SFIA skills selectorMartin CaminadaSurya Thottam Valappil2021-CM3203
For the school's Year in Industry programme, students are asked to select two IT professional skills that they want to work on during their placement. For their selected skills, students are asked to generate the necessary forms at This system has been coded as a previous final year project, and is in need of a bit of maintenance. In particular, we would like the form layout to be changed, some minor errors to be corrected and some soft skills to be added. We...[more]
Yanzhi YaoMachine learning of where people look in videosHantao LiuDr Daniel J. Finnegan2021-CM3203
Do you know where you are looking at while watching online videos? Do you know where the computers think you are looking at? Modelling visual saliency - predicting where human eyes pay attention to in visual content - has been a very active research area over the past few years in both academia and industry. This project aims to analyse visual attention data in emerging applications in image and vision computing, such as computer rendered images, high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging, medical imaging...[more]
Yuchen ZhangHuman Robot Interaction and Older Adults: supporting everyday taskCarolina Fuentes ToroYuhua Li2021-CM3203
Currently, the development of robots for supporting older adults focuses on health care, medicine reminders, coaching for physical activity, and social interaction among others. It is expected that robots would support older adult to live independently for longer and many opportunities for supporting small everyday task emerge. This project aims to explore how a robot can support older adults with cooking tasks. Based on a review of a range of apps to support cooking, the project will inform the...[more]